Εκπαιδευτές - Teachers
Δασκαλες σεμιναριων - Seminar Teachers
Momo Kadous was born in El Mahalla, the Nile Delta of Egypt, near the center of the Ghawazee “Sumbat”. He has studied dance, choreography and Tabla since his early youth.
Janka Jaan is dance teacher and performer based in Slovakia. She has been studying bellydance since her teenage years, during which she fell in love from her first basic moves!

Dimitra Diamanti was born and raised in Piraeus, Greece. For the last 15 years, her teaching has developed naturally, as she believes that sharing knowlege is part of her artisic evolution as well.
Athena Najat is an internationally known dancer and instructor in the global bellydance community. Athena currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey, where she performs a nightly Oriental dance performance in one of the top tourist Dinner shows on the Bosphorus.
Amira, the creator and co-organizer with Athena Najat, of Habibi Tsiggana Festival, is a Greek dancer, trainer and choreographer of oriental dance. Passionate with dance, she has studied ballet, ancient Greek dance, contemporary dance, Greek traditional dances, and traditional Latin American dances.